Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pain and age

Just before I begin my tale of woe, I just looked at Technorati. I have quite a few links there already.

Just got back to the computer after days of pain. It started out as a stiff and sore neck. I don't know what I did. Probably just moved. Then the pain began to shoot up the back of my head. Ooh! Brain haemorrhage? Stroke? Brain tumour? Just a tad on the anxious side. My Nurofen and my Panadiene just weren't doing anything to ease these stabs of sharp pain which occured every 3 seconds or so.
And it's the weekend now. No doctors on duty. Perhaps the Emergency department? No, I can't go there and say I have a headache. But it wasn't a headache as such. Just shots of pure pain out of one spot on the head.

So I rang my dear cousin in Sydney who happens to be a doctor and she told me not to worry too much, it was pain being referred from the neck strain.

Monday morning, after basically being an invalid and 'in a coma' again for 2 days, found me at the docs. Same diagnosis. But got a script for Panadiene Forte and bought Nurofen Plus. Now I can say there's no pain. I bought myself some beautiful chocolate to celebrate.

It will last maybe a few weeks and I have to do neck exercises. It's age. The doc said we start to wear out our something. I always tune out immediately as soon as someone says 'as we get older'

So there you are. I'm okay now hopefully but very drugged up and not quite with it.