Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Web 2.0

Suddenly web design is becoming interesting again with the so-called web 2 revolution. I wrote an article about it to be seen by clicking the title link. Since then I bought an Australian PCUser magazine and there is a web 2.0 free browser in it. I'll be playing with it. There is also a mega amount of software freebies in the latest issue which I will be reviewing. There is also a new free web authoring tool called NVU which I will be exploring.

I've been having fun with swikis. The idea is that you create a bubble of tags (keywords) which you place on your web site. You can then promote your own site and block out others so that on this search engine, people and not robots decide which is worth looking at. However, there is much vested interest going on here. My own sites are right up there of course but that doesn't mean they are the best in those categories.

My swiki

The other thing is that I found a site which you can upload your photography to and get paid if those photos are sold. Great. Something to do with my photos.

Also, I have found a new toolbar which you can download, customise and have others download. It only works on IE unfortunately but it has everything there you'd ever need just on your toolbar. My toolbar.